Terra – Amazing Venue In Caesarea

Caesarea is an ancient place with a long history and many authentic historical artifacts. Terra is located in north of Caesarea in the business park. The location, between north and south – makes it convenient to reach from anywhere in the country – but this is just one of the reasons that make it attractive and suitable for events. The ancient Roman city place gives a special touch to Terra Caesarea. Such a location requires special design of the banquet hall and its surroundings. The venue that was built in the center of the complex is 1150 square meters in size, the entire place was crafted from an amazingly beautiful wood and glass. It was built using the latest construction methods, you will not see anything similar in the country. A garden that surrounds the venue was designed to fit the ancient Roman city. Amazing lighting, elaborate sound system, huge LED screens, spacious kitchen (200 square meters) – equipped with the most modern cooking ware. Bridal royal suite room with a separate entrance and exit to a romantic private garden. Also, Terra events work with the most prestigious catering companies, and the Terra Caesarea staff will give you personal attention, being attentive to every idea and need you might have, helping you fulfill your dream to the finest detail of your imagination.