Senya Alman

SENYA_ALMAN Bio PicI have two important qualities that help me in the work of the photographer – I sensual man and a perfectionist. Everything I do, including my profession photographer, should be done as well as possible! My main credo – all people photogenic!
I was born in a family of photographers and from childhood was surrounded by the magic of black and white photography. Therefore, in some of my work you will see a lot of black and white processing. The camera accompanies me since childhood and became an integral part of my life. Last ten years after being a documentary and concert photographer, I’m working as a wedding photographer. One of the most interesting and difficult types of photography that includes photojournalism, portrait photography, studio and documentary photography. My work is a constant process of self-education. And with that every time I photograph the first meeting of the bride and groom, bride and groom’s first kiss, when the groom looks into the eyes of the bride before the veil lowered I still get excited. Capture the feelings and keep wonderful pictures – that’s my main goal in the wedding day. And, as I think I have succeeded. My relationship with the bride and groom do not differ from the relationship between friends and it helps them feel enough free and relaxed at shooting. It is very important for me that the bride and groom feel comfortable. And then the shooting will be successful. I continue to take pictures of  some couples until this day, watch as their children grow up and it’s very exciting!
In any case, as a child, I still get excited every time I take up a camera!