Alhayam Beachside Weddings Venue in Caesarea – Israel

At the top of the cliff, overlooking the sea,
where the sun touches the water,
you stand together under the sky.

Between the old town,
in the magical bay,
the closest to nature between fantasy and reality.

Watching the blue sky,
feeling the sand, sea breath,
view, and nature beauty.
The wedding ceremony at sunset: all of that and more you will find at Alhayam.

This venue is a magical banquet hall which was built in 1996 on a special green lawn overseeing the horizon expanse below. Alhayam was built at the foot of the nature reserve – ancient Caesarea – with authentic historical relics that leave a celestial and majestic fragrance in the air. At day time you can feel an outdoor summer breeze of nature and in the evening you will see red colors of sunset. It suits any event. Advanced lighting systems, the most innovative sound, design, decorations and landscape architecture – all of that is unique to this location.