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About my working process:

Every wedding is a unique event that only happens once! As a professional wedding cinematographer, my first priority is to make sure that everything goes smoothly and without any hitches. As an artist, it is my first priority to bring about the ideas you had in mind and mix them with what I see working best for you and your individual needs. Capturing all of those awesome, and special moments of your special day is what my part is all about. Delivering a spectacular and unique cinematic film gives me lots of satisfaction as an artist and gives me the motivations to become better. To see  your smile, the excitement from my work and your feedback makes me very happy.

All the footage will be captured with the Canon C100, a Canon cinema camera with a dual memory card for instant backup (the backup ensuring that everything goes smoothly). The wireless Sennheiser system will be connected to the camera to insure that the best sound will be recorded. I always bring lots of gear with me so I will have more freedom of action and artistic vision.  Color correction and color grading will give your film a unique cinematic look. The soundtrack will be purchased by me for the wedding trailer. Your cinematic wedding film will be delivered to you by email for review, after that you will receive full resolution films of your wedding.

If you have any questions you can contact me directly, or you can look at the FAQ page.

(Pricing subject to change without notice, additional charging may be included for destinations areas)

Cool way to receive your wedding films on retro customized USB flash drive 🙂

Alexander Perel USB

All the prices are final and nonnegotiable

Full cinematic wedding package:
12 hours working time on the wedding day.
Cinematic wedding trailer 3-4min.
Cinematic wedding film 20-30min. Please contact me and you will receive a link to full length wedding films.
Full length raw video from whole wedding day.
Trailer, cinematic wedding film and full length raw film at USB flash drive.
Investment: 8000 NIS includes VAT.

It is always exciting to me to see how people react to my films, it makes me very happy to read your  friends feedback on my work on your Facebook:

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