What is your shooting style?

I’ve been working in wedding photography in Israel since 1999 and I have experience in all shooting styles. But for the last couple of years I developed a particular style which I call “documentary fashion” style. This style is about transparency – it’s about being invisible and taking the most authentic footage without interrupt the things that happen on their own – a moving away from the controlling styles which remove any taste of “spontaneity” and have a certain blandeness to them. The other part of this is the Fashion style – it is all about making things happen when they are not which is very important, as sometimes the events need a push in the right direction. Just a gentle push – not a hundred miles shove. Without knowing how to do this, sometimes it would not be possible to have any energy in the footage and I would end up with lots of boring footage from the shooting day. In my opinion a professional wedding Videographer must master both.