Laura & Jonah – Destination Wedding In Israel

All you need is love! If you have that, everything around you will be perfect. That’s what happened with Loura & Jonah. Their love so strong to each other that everyone around can see it, and I can capture it forever.

Their wedding film is one of the most exciting I have ever seen. Not only I was moved by their wedding movie, I received a thank you letter from them, and then I was excited even more!

Dear Alex,

I am not quite sure there are words to accurately capture the emotions I have felt while watching the trailer and video. The trailer has absolutely blown me away, and I cry uncontrollably each time I watch it (in the happiest way possible). I was not expecting to react this way. I love that you accompanied the video with our vows since the words we exchanged were so important to us. I have been so moved by this aspect of the film. The music you chose in the trailer is perfect! I think you said it was a demo soundtrack, but I think we love it! You successfully captured some incredible moments of us and of some very special people. Thank you so much for that.

We will be in touch with any outstanding thoughts. However, I wanted to write you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating such amazing films for us. We will cherish them forever.

Photographers: Mama Photographers
Venue: Beit Andromeda
Wedding Planner: Nikki Fenton

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