Cinematic wedding trailer of Marina & Eyal

Every couple that’s getting married wants their wedding to be perfect. The bride wants here dress to be beautiful, unique and sit perfectly on her body. She wants her hair just like she saw in the magazine and makeup that will make her look the best – like never before. The most important thing to the groom is that his Love will be happy at her most important and stressful day. But what is important to me as a photographer, I also want my shooting day to be perfect, I want the best footage from the day, I want to be satisfied as an artist at the end of the process, I want to make the best cinematic wedding film, one that I have not done before. I want to be excited in the process and blown away with the results.

 I was very lucky to meet Marina and Eyal because their wedding was perfect for me. They were so happy and in a good mood when I arrived in the morning for some special footage that I wanted to capture before the wedding preparations. It was such fun for all of us and especially for Marina because she was less nervous after that. Marina’s family came from abroad to her wedding so it was a destination wedding for them. They all came to her preparations and stayed with her for the whole wedding day. The weather was perfect and the sun was kind to me, I captured amazing wedding footage that day and was very excited to start working on it. The wedding venue Bayaar is one of the best in Hedera, It is beautiful and has amazing lighting, I think that it is the only place with such lighting I have ever seen. The guests were from everywhere in the world I did not know that they have so many friends all over the world. The wedding was a blast, I had tons of fun and I will remember that wedding for a long time. Huge thanks for all the professionals that worked really hard to make that day perfect for Marina and Eyal. Big thanks to my friends Mama Photographers for amazing pictures they made, to Rina Bahir for the amazing wedding dress, to Ohad hair stylist from Eric Mayost, Keren make up artist, Rabbi Chaim Brisk for exciting ceremony, to Barbar for their drinks, to Eat catering for a delicious food and to amazing audio artist “Tim McMorris” for such amazing audio track!

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  • Lior Leibovitz


  • Ben Aizenberg

    יפה מעוד!!!ReplyCancel

  • Ksu Marchenko

    incredible!!! wow!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Sara Sabato

    מדהימים !

  • Iryna Gorb

    One of the most amazing wedding videos I’ve ever seen. I’m so extremely happy for my dear Marina and even though I couldn’t attend — thanks to the video I felt like I was there. Amazing!ReplyCancel

  • Leighton BainbridgePhotography

    That was incredible! makes me want to learn video haha got goosebumps all over ReplyCancel

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